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Welcome to :)


Please always read here for news, we don't have bulletins here.



You can look at all the recent activities on your own "MY Feed" space. Just look all the way up to the top, on your welcome bar from this page, where it say's:   Welcome| Manage site|My Feed | and more, just click on My Feed, and you will see everything that has been said and done so far. That way you will retrace your own uploads and comments. It's actually better than the activity page itself because the activity page only show the recent 50 feeds.


NEWS ON February 22nd

We are going through some problems at this moment with the site. We will try our best fixing everything in a short time, thank you for your patience and your loyalty to btbsims. 



NEWS on February 20th

​If you edit your own post, please make sure that you change the time again to 12:00 AM. If not, it will affect the order of the magazine.



NEWS on February 19th,

Because of the high amounts of magazine submissions daily, i will spread the creations out on a few days apart.



NEWS on February 15th,

Hello everyone,

After that you have signed on the new "btbsims" site, please get comfortable with the new applications and tools. For the ones that has uploaded items to the old site "btbsims", please try to transfer your creations as fast as you can over here. I will leave you until May 16th to do your transfer, then after, i will be closing the old btbsims for good. 
Just a reminder, that i am still paying the old btbsims site monthly, to ensure that you do not loose your creations. Not to forget, i am paying the monthly fee here as well. So i need your cooperation to work with me on this. As soon that you have transfered everything, please let me know so i can cross your name from a list.  
Thank you!

Featured Member of April ~Sevinc~
Joined: Feb 12th

Hello Dear Members of BTBsims or soon to be member for the first time,

As you can all see, we have moved to a different Network. You will be amazed what you can all do with this page. 

As for me, a site owner, i am delighted to see the changes and all the tools and apps this network is giving me to work with. 

Customizing your own page will never have been so much fun. The chat bar will give you options beyond fun and entertaining.

It will take you a little bit of time to get comfortable with this new set up, like any sites you would join in, but you will realised real quick why this move for me was inevitable.

To get familiar with the site, moderators from the old BTBsims network will be here to help you.

This page was created in 2012, but it was too much work for me to get everything over here in a short time. Now i am ready to make the move, because the old btbsims provider was not giving me the satisfaction that this site is giving me.

Have fun!!!


Owner of btbsims,




Montreal, Canada Time

Sevinc: Dum di Dum la la la.. shake shake.. Hallo to all
Margeh75: sherrriiiiiii can you hear me
Roxxyando: You do pay the bills so of course we let u come back, kidding & kisses hahaha
Margeh75: hehehe
MartyP: thank you for letting me come back
MartyP: it was not too bad, lots of up and down, but over all a fine one!!!
Sevinc: Hey Marty Welcome back. dear.. how was your vacation??
PopulationSims: Welcome Back Marty, We Missed You!!!
Roxxyando: Oh crap !!!!!!!!!! wait try to catch her at the door I need a minute!!!!
Margeh75: oh the boss is back! quick! hide everything!
MartyP: Bisous Nicole ♥
cedric13: Bonne et belle journée à tous ♥♥¸.•*¨Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ¨*•.¸♥
cedric13: Bisous Martine ♥
MartyP: Hello everyone
Metens: Bonnes fêtes de Pâques Nicole!
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Every month i pay for the site platform. Every year i pay for the site protection and the domain name provided by GoDaddy. Every donations helps the site to stay active and alive. Thank you to everyone that helped in the past, i truly appreciate it from the bottom of my heart.
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